The Buddha's Words Everyday


The Lord said to Lohicca: “Is it true that you think like this: ‘If a monk or brahmin discovers some important truth, he should not teach it to others. For what can one person do for another? It is just as if, having cut through an old bond, one were to make a new bond. Such a thing is an evil action rooted in attachment. For what can one person do for another?’ ”
“Yes, good Gotama, that is my thinking.”
“What do you think about this, Lohicca? You reside here in Salavatika. If someone were to say: “The brahmin Lohicca should enjoy all the revenue and produce of Salavatika, allowing nothing to anyone else,” would one who speaks like this be a danger to your tenants?”
“He would, good Gotama.”
“And as such, would he be considering their welfare or not?”
“He would not.”
“And not considering their welfare, would he have a heart full of love for them, or one full of ill-will?”
“Full of ill-will, good Gotama.”
“And in a heart full of ill-will is there wrong view, or Perfect View?”
“Wrong view.”
“Now, if one holds wrong views, I say that one of two destinies results - rebirth in purgatory or as an animal.”