The Buddha's Words Everyday


Akkosaka of the Bharadvaja Brahmin clan came to know that the leader of the clan had joined the Sangha of the monk Gotama. Angry and displeased, he went to where the Lord was and reviled and abused him with rude, harsh words. When he had finished, the Lord said: “What do you think, brahmin? Do you receive visits from friends and acquaintances, kith and kin and other guests?”
“Yes, Gotama, sometimes I do.”
“And do you prepare for them food both hard and soft and give them rest?”
“Yes, Gotama, sometimes I do.”
“And if they do not accept these things from you, whose do these things become?”
“They become mine.”
“It is the same here, brahmin. That with which you revile, scold and abuse me, who does not revile, scold or abuse you, that I do not accept from you. It is yours, brahmin, it belongs to you. One who reviles when reviled, who scolds when scolded, who abuses when abused - it is as if a host and a visitor dined together and made good. We, brahmin, have not dined together nor have we made good. It is yours, brahmin. It belongs to you.”